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  1. Why do they set up the automated system so you have no choice and cannot get a live person no matter what you do. I just need to change my address with Eppicard, already completed the address change with the child support office. This is ridiculous. No wonder some parents don’t get their back child support they are owed. You cannot access this at all and no information on the website either, except the automated telephone number. Very frustrating…

  2. For TEXAS Call 800-252-8014, go through the prompts and they will transfer you to a live person with Eppicard. Take less than 5 minutes.

  3. How to get Eppicard customer service live person

    When you dial the EPPICard toll free number (the number on the back of your card), do not press any button on your phone. Wait until it repeats itself about 4 times and says call back later or wait for a customer service representative. After several minutes (yes, several minutes), you are likely to get someone to pick up. Essentially, once you dial the number, don’t do anything else, just wait on the phone and let the phone go through all the greetings and messages several times, after that, just wait and see if someone picks up.

    Let us know if you were able to get a live person using this workaround. Others have reported success so we want to get your feedback so we know what is working. If you tried another method to get customer service and it worked, please share it in the comments section below so that other frustrated card holders can get the help they desperately need.

    1. I was not able to get thru. It kept hanging up on me. I feel the state has found another way to steal our money. No One, from eppicard or the child support office, is helping. My card is broken and I can’t order a replacement until I update my address. Pissed to an endless level.

    2. I just did what you said to do. It took 5 times of listening for it to put me through to customer service. She said next time just to push that the card was lost or stolen and it would put me through to them as well. Thank you so much this really helped, I have been trying for a month to get through, never thought just to let it keep going. My card is from New Hampshire if that helps anyone else.

  4. I also need to change my address. It is now hanging up on me. This is yet another way for the state to take $ from us, yet this is our children’s money. This is robbery and I am in utter disgust of this system.

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