If your new Eppicard Debit Card is delayed, you are not alone. We have received many complaints that Eppicard is taking a long time to ship new eppicards to beneficiaries even weeks after they have been approved for the card.

In some cases, especially with Child Support cases, the funds have already been deposited on the card and the recipient is waiting to use the funds or desperately needs the funds. But without the card, there is nothing that can be done to access the funds.

Understandably, this is very frustrating for customers so the first instinct is to call the eppicard debit card customer service – which is a frustrating process in itself.

"Eppicard customer service"

EPPICard Customer Service

Each state’s Eppicard has a toll free number with live representatives. However, getting someone on the phone to answer your questions is another battle.

As we have documented on this website several times, getting a hold of a live person to answer your questions is close to impossible.

On our Eppicard customer service page, we have tips that will help you get a live representative on the phone.

Delayed EPPICard? Here’s Why

One of the most common reasons why cards are delayed is an address discrepancy. The United States Postal Service does not forward EPPICard mail to a forwarding address.

So, if your brand new Eppicard or your replacement card is sent to your old address and you have moved, your EPPICard debit card will be sent BACK.

If this is the case, you will have to call EPPICard customer service for your state and make sure they have your most current address in order for the card to be resent.

Otherwise, it will just sit in limbo since the post office will return it back to EPPICard. Eppicard will just sit on it until you call to change your address.

Also, unfortunately, due to fraud reasons, you cannot change your address online, so you have to call customer service.



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5 thoughts on “Delay in My Eppicard Debit Card

  1. it has been 15 BUSINESS days and i still havn’t received my card. Everytime i call i get representatives that treat me like im stupid and that i just need to wait.

    1. I have been calling for 5 days. They say the card was mailed out on the 20th. The US mail does not take 15 days to send even if its third class mail. When I call they say they can issue an expedited card but I have read that those cards take even longer and they won’t give you a UPS tracking number. I am switching to direct deposit after I get this card and empty the money out of it. The customer service states call me after you check your mail today because it’s probably there. Really? how would you know that? This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They’re making interest off of your child support money. Biggest mistake I’ve ever made. I wonder if the SDU can reverse the payment.

  2. Be very afraid of this card. I closed their account the same day I tried to get child support money and was charged the surcharge fees TWICE. Who gives anybody right to take a penny from Child support money? Who gives this card the right to keep my Child Support money for 2 months already!!! without releasing it into my possession? They are trying to force me to reopen this card, which I WILL NEVER DO, otherwise I cannot get my Child Support money.
    The card is New York State card. I need to take this card to Court, to my understanding, to get the money. Child Support enforcement agency in New York refuses??? to get involved and take money back from this card.

  3. I am seeing a difference in my rearrange by $4,000 dollars in one month… Where did that money go if it was obtained by eppicard.. Why haven’t I seen my ex tax withholdings since I’ve haven’t been on cash??? Everyone says contact eppicard.. So where is it???

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