EPPICard & Way2Go Card - Unemployment Debit Card and Child Support Card Help

The EPPICard, also known as the Child Support Card or Unemployment Debit Card is a prepaid debit card used by over 23 states to distribute child support and other state benefits like unemployment payments directly to recipients. The Way2Go Card by Go Program is the new prepaid debit card for receiving your Unemployment Insurance, Child Support, or Cash Assistance benefits. Many states are transitioning away from EPPICard to the Way2Go Card platform.

Both the EPPICard and Way2Go Card work much like an ATM/debit card. The cards offer users easy access to their funds and can be used to shop online, pay bills or make purchases at retailers where the card issuer (usually Visa or MasterCard) is accepted. EPPICard and Way2Go do not charge a monthly maintenance fee but depending on the state, there may be a fee for using the card at an ATM.

For more information about your EPPICard or Way2Go Card for unemployment and child support benefits, including how to log into your account, check balances, view transaction history, contact customer service or file a complaint, select your state from the list below.