EPPICard Unemployment - Child Support Card

The EPPICard, also known as the Child Support Card is a prepaid debit card used by over 23 states to distribute child support and other state benefits like unemployment payments directly to recipients and works much like an ATM/debit card. The cards offers users easy access to their funds since it is automatically uploaded and can be used to shop online, pay bills or make purchases at retailers where the card issuer (usually Visa or MasterCard) is accepted. EPPICard does not charge a monthly maintenance fee but depending on the state, there may be a fee for using the card at an ATM.

For more information about your EPPICard, including how to log into your account, check balances, view transaction history, contact customers service or file a complaint, select your state from the list below for help or visit this page.

EPPICard By State

EPPICard Customer Service

Each state provides a toll-free number to get to a representative Locate that number at the back of your card or visit the state specific page above to get the number to call. There have been complaints about the level of service provided so be sure to check out our Eppicard Customer Service page for tips about how to get a live person on the phone.

EPPICard Check Balance

If you need your account balance, you will have to log into the website. Instructions for the eppicard check balance can be found in this blog post that details the steps to review your information and any charges that have cleared or are pending on your account.

EPPICard Login

Logging into your account is very easy. Just visit the main site and locate your state-specific information. If you forget your password, there are instructions on how to reset it or get a new one. If you are a first time user,
click here for an example on how to get online access to your unemployment or child support card.

Popular EPPICard

The cards we get the most questions about include
EPPICard New Jersey, EPPICard Ohio, EPPICard Florida, EPPICard Texas, and EPPICard Mississippi. This may be due to the fact that they are states with a large population OR in the case of Florida, both the unemployment and child support programs are run using this EPPICard.

BREAKING NEWS - Eppicard Phishing

Both the Unemployment and Child Support cards have become targets of aggressive phishing by scammers who want to take over accounts and deplete the funds. If you get an email you don't recognize, do not open it. Also, EPPICard will not contact you via email requesting your account information. If you are unsure about who sent you the email, call customer service to find out from them if they were the ones that sent the email. For more on this, see this warning from the FBI here.