Alabama EPPICard

Alabama AL EPPICard Login and Card Registration Online

If you have a new Alabama EPPICard (AL Debit Card) and would like to register it online, see the steps below. If you’ve forgotten your password, we have instructions below on how to reset your password.

"AL Eppicard login"

To register your card, follow these steps:

Step 1

Visit the AL EPPICard login page here, select your card and click on “New User?” on the left hand side of the page. See below:



Step 2

To register your new card, you will need your card number, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and an email address. See the image below for details.

If you forgot your password, you will need the card number to reset the password. Click here, select your card, and click on “Forgot User ID?” on the left side of the page. See below:

"Al eppicard login"

So, there you have it. That is how you get to the AL eppicard login. You can check your card balance, review pending transactions, change your password, get information about fees and charges associated with your AL Eppicard, locate both in-network ATMs and what the charges are to use out of network ATMs. You can also get contact information for your state’s labor or child support department depending on the card you currently have.



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7 thoughts on “Alabama AL EPPICard Login and Card Registration Online

  1. Child support payments are made regularly and on time through my exhusbands employer. Alabama DHR, has informed me that I she have access to my money sooner than what is occurring with this eppicard. I want to know why my money is being held up. Who is pocketing the interest?

  2. I get noyhing but god damn trouble on this shit, why cant I ever view my info on this site when I know I have the correct info to log in , but says I do not????????????

  3. I can never get on my acct, I have written down passwords pin numbers and nothing works on this thing Its very frustrating why I cant log into my acct, I dont know why, can you tell me why.? Thank you.

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