Below is the Alabama EPPICard Customer Service (AL) number to speak to a live person. There is a separate number to call when calling from outside the United States. See below:

Remember that Alabama has two eppicards – the AL Vantage Debit MaterCard card for Unemployment Benefits payments and the prepaid debit MasterCard card for Child Support payments for those who sign up to receive their payments through this card. For both the Unemployment benefits and Child Support, the Customer Service number to call is below:
"Alabama EPPICard Customer Service"

Were you able to reach an Alabama Eppicard Customer Service and speak to a live person? Let us know about your experience by commenting below.



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One thought on “Alabama EPPICard Customer Service Number

  1. I tried to track my Alabama Unemployment card down, EPPi card claimed to have issued it in March 2016 ,it is now May 2016 and no card at my now former address and none as of now in my wallet, such a pity that the Alabama Dept of Labor did not stay with Regions Bank (local) than go to these people. I will track it down somehow despite it being costly on prepaid cell service and all other barriers put up to separate one from their money. When one is on the debtor side with government though, they will make sure they get all their money in a timely fashion though.

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