Florida EPPICard

This post is about how to login-into www.eppicard.com Florida and more. Below is everything you need to know about the Florida EPPICard.

1. Card Information – Here is what the Florida EPPICard looks like: www.eppicard.com florida

"www.eppicard florida"

2. To Register Your Florida EPPICard, follow the instructions in the image below:

"florida eppicard login"

3 . For Florida EPPICard Customer Service, visit this blog post or see below. You should make sure you are calling the right customer service number as there are different numbers for the Child Support and Unemployment cards.

"florida eppicard customer service"


"fl eppicard customer service

You can also get your account balance information at www.eppicard.com florida. Some of the transactions that can be performed online include reviewing pending charges, charges that have settled, fee information, ATM locations and charges that may accrue for certain transactions. Another useful function you can perform on www.eppicard.com florida is to change your password. This is advisable since EPPICards have become targets for online fraud at an alarming rate. People looking to commit fraud are hacking into eppicard accounts and taking over the account and rerouting payments. So, it is a good practice to change your account password regularly.

Another way to protect your account is to avoid accessing your account at public computers, like those found in the library or at community centers. That is because thieves sometimes install software on those computers that will record your information – which is then used later to hack your account.



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