EPPICard Website Issues Continue

Eppicard website down – again. Since Friday, June 14th, www.eppicard.com has not been working and we’ve received tons of emails and messages asking if we know why the website has been down for so long.  This is the second time in about 3 months that the eppicard website has been down for a few days without any explanation. We do monitor the website regularly and there was no message posted about scheduled maintenance or any reason why they would be off-line.

Today is June 17th and when we tried to go to the site, it is still down. Below is the message we got as of 8:00am.

"eppicard website is down"

If you still are unable to get to the website, call your State’s department responsible for managing the EPPICard program. This could be your State’s child support or unemployment benefits department. Let them know about the horrible service you’ve been receiving from EPPICard, including unannounced website down times and inability to get a live eppicard customer service person on the phone.

One of the ironic parts of this whole episode is that the state governments had outsourced the management of their program to a vendor, hoping to get a better experience for their customer than they could provide themselves. However, they have gotten the opposite result. The service has been poor and the issues are numerous to list, including difficulty in getting a live customer service support person on the phone, lack of information on the following: How to change an address, how to get a replacement card, ATM fee, in network ATMs, how to get a blocked account re-opened, process for investigating unauthorized use of funds, How to get a card activated, missing cards in the mail and what to do, direct deposit delay, missing payments and many others.

The question is would the states have been better off managing their own eppicard programs?



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  1. When will the web site for the IN EPPI card be available? I can’t check my current balance to make sure the weekly deposit is there. It is usually there when the my unemployment site shows that is was transferred BUT last week the EPPI card balance didn’t show the deposit for 3 days. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE EPPI SYSTEM FOR IN???

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