The Mississippi EPPICard, which is also known as the Mississippi ePayment Card is issued by the state of Mississippi and is used by the Department of Human Services, Division of Economic Assistance Cardholders, Division of Child Support Enforcement Cardholders, and Department of Family & Children’s Services Adoption Subsidy and Foster Care Cardholders, or Department of Employment Security to issue payments and benefit to recipients. Funds are automatically loaded on to the card, making access to the cash easy. The cards are issued under the MasterCard brand and can be used anywhere MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted. You can use the card to get Cash at ATM displaying the MasterCard® or Cirrus® logos. The card also allows you to get cash at Hancock, Regions, and Trustmark Bank ATMs without any charge.

Mississippi EPPICard

Mississippi EPPI Card (Mississippi ePayment Card)

  • Can be used to make purchases anywhere MasterCard® Debit Cards are accepted
  • Get cash at any ATM displaying the MasterCard® or Cirrus® logos
  • No charge for cash withdrawals at Hancock, Regions, and Trustmark Bank ATMs
  • Get available balance and transaction history online or by phone
  • Contact Email Support – available online for all your Customer Service Questions 24/7

Mississippi EPPICard Transaction Fees

Here are the transaction fees that come with the Mississippi EPPICard:

  • $0.75 for ATM balance inquiries.
  • $1.75 for successful ATM cash withdrawals.
  • $5.00 for each replacement card issued.
  • ATM surcharge fees will apply except at Hancock, Regions, and Trustmark Bank ATM locations.
  • For a complete listing of all fees, please refer to the Notice of Fee Change (available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese).

Mississippi EPPICard Update and Changes

Attention Mississippi Unemployment Debit Card recipients! As of March 11, 2021 the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) has changed Unemployment Debit Card providers.

The Mississippi EPPICard has now moved to the Mississippi Way2Go Card.

Starting at 9:00 pm, March 11, 2021 to 1:00 am, March 12th you will NOT be able to:

  • Use your EPPICard to make purchases or withdraw money at the ATM
  • Access the website
  • Contact EPPICard Customer Service

For more information on the new Mississippi Way2Go Card for Unemployment benefits, visit our MS Way2Go Card Guide here. We provide you with everything you need to know about the Mississippi Way2Go Unemployment Card including how to activate your card, check your card balance, ATM and transaction fees, customer service phone number, and more!

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Mississippi Way2Go Card Login and Create a Way2Go Card online account, read our complete article here.

If you still have a Mississippi EPPICard for Unemployment, you can use it until your balance reaches zero. Once your balance has reached $0.00, you must activate and use your MS Way2Go Card for receiving unemployment payments.

For help checking your Mississippi EPPICard balance and to login your online EPPICard MS account, read our EPPICard Login and Balance Instructions here.

Mississippi EPPICard Customer Service

For questions related to the Mississippi EPPICard (Mississippi ePayment Card), call Customer Service at 1-866-461-4095. Customers calling outside the United States can call collect at 801-352-3274. Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call customer service about the following issues: , Reporting lost or stolen cards, Balance inquiries, PIN changes, Transaction history requests, Registering a complaint about a card issue, Questions about card usage and questions about international card usage.

To register your card or log into your Mississippi ePayment Card account, click here.

For all questions related to the status of a cash benefit or payment, including when a deposit will be made to your account, cardholders should contact the:

Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS):

For Economic Assistance (EA) Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), TANF Supportive Service or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Employment & Training (E&T) Cardholders, contact your local MDHS EA County Office.

For Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Cardholders, contact your local MDHS CSE County Office.

Lastly, for Family & Children’s Services (F&CS) Adoption Subsidy and Foster Care Cardholders, contact your local MDHS F&CS County Office.

Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES):

For In-State Unemployment Insurance (UI) Cardholders, contact your local MDES WIN Job Center; or
For Out-of-State UI Cardholders, contact the MDES Interstate Claims Office.

MS EPPICard Fraud & Scams

ALERT: Please be aware that there are current reports of phishing emails, phone text messages, and phishing phone calls, intended to obtain personal and/or card information. Phishing is a type of scam designed to steal your personal information. We will never request your personal information such as social security number, card number or PIN through any of these methods. Please do not respond to requests like these. Being informed is your best defense. See the Protect Yourself link for ways of avoiding identity theft. If you believe your card account has been compromised, please call the number on the back of the card.



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