1. sonja c. beardsley says:

    How do I close my Virginia Eppicard account?

  2. Sharonda Epps says:

    Hi, i need a statement of my account sent to email now. Of what was taking out



  4. O'Katarina Parker says:

    Hi, I no longer have an Eppicard (had one years ago) and I am trying to get a new one, but every time I call your customer service number1-800-961-8423 repeatedly hangs when I get to the section that is supposed to connect me to a customer service agent – this has happened 5 times (my address has also changed and I cannot get a replacement card to my current address unless I actually speak to someone). Your Website claims 24/7 service – this is clearly not the case. I’m going to have to call the unemployment office of my state and inform them that your service is not working – so I can go through them to work out some kind of an alternative. If, you have another number which I can call – please message me. Thank you 240-559-8797

    • ok so I needed to also update my address — for the first time in 5 years I have figured out how to get someone — yes a live person — on the phone!! I ignored the “voice” when I was prompted to enter my card #. Instead when asked if I would like information on the new card being sent out to me (???) I pressed that button and it automatically connected me to a human! I also mentioned this to guy whom I spoke with and his advice (verbatim) was when prompted to enter your card #, enter it WRONG – you’ll be connected to a person.