If you want to reach the Oklahoma EPPICard Customer Service (OK), we have provided the number to call below. To reach customer service outside the United States, there is a different number to call, which is also provided below. Note that there is a separate number for the Oklahoma Child Support Debit Card and the Oklahoma Unemployment Benefit recipients Debit Card below.

Here is the number for the Child Support Customer Service:



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6 thoughts on “Oklahoma OK EPPICard Customer Service Number

  1. I am having an awful time trying to get back in to my locked eppicard website. I had caps lock on and didn’t know it and after trying three times, it locked me out. I have been trying to use the password reset page, but it won’t submit the information. I tried to get an operator to help and after getting ahold of a DHS person in Oklahoma, she finally got me to an operator. The operator said someone would get back to me within five days–but no idea when or what day. As luck would have it, my husband got very ill and wound up in ICU at the hospital. He was there five days (of course), when we got home, I had a message from someone who told me I had to get hold of an operator again and get another “ticket” to get someone to call me. I am really frustrated. All I want to do is get back into the website.

  2. Why is it telling me my balance is one thing but when I go to use my card it declines my purchase.

  3. If you want to actually talk to a Customer Service Representative, call the Toll Free number, then (after selecting your language) hit 2, which is reporting a lost or stolen card. It won’t cancel it immediately, and it will give you the option to speak to a Customer Service Representative. FINALLY! It was ridiculous what I went through trying to just talk to someone!!

  4. With Mary “Failing” as governor, OKlahoma has become a third world country. Education isn’t funded, or anything else for that matter.If you’re poor, you can’t get help unless you’re Mary’s white trash daughter and you can live on the grounds of the Governor’s mansion in your white trash trailer. It’s a wonder ANY company would want to build anything in this sinkhole of a state.

  5. You can’t choose the lost card option if you go past the first prompt. It will cancel automatically. I hung up the phone without making a choice , so I’m off to see if my dumbass caused my card to cancel.

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