New Mexico NM EPPICard Customer Service Number

Here is the New Mexico EPPICard Customer Service (NM) number to call. If you are calling customer service outside the United States, there is a different number to call, which is also provided below. Note that the number provided below is for both the New Mexico Child Support Debit Card and the Unemployment Insurance Benefits Debit Card.




  1. daniel hoth says:

    i never recieved my card in the mail, help? my number is 505 670 2665

    • Skitch says:

      you should come back and delete your message if possible. Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to post your phone number or address in a public forum. Setting yourself up for more problems you probably don’t need.

  2. Anna Chaparro says:

    Checked my account this morning and recieved a deposit, tried to pay a bill online…declined,checked account again….not able to login. There was and error saying card has been fraud/suspended.! HELP!