The Indiana EPPICard (IN), also known as the Indiana debit card, was implemented by the state of Indiana in November of 2006. This debit card program gives workforce service clients, custodial parents, and state employees access to payments online via a Visa debit card. Payments are automatically loaded onto the card which is able to be used at any ATM which accepts Visa.

Card Benefits & Quick Facts

  • Free cash back with purchases from many retailers. Make sure to look for the Visa or Interlink logos in order to identify participating merchants. Locations bearing these logos, including banks,  will provide cash withdrawals at no cost to Indiana EPPIcard holders
  • Easy access to cash at thousands of ATM’s. If you are a cardholder you can obtain cash at any ATM which bears the Visa or Plus logo. Avoid ATM surcharges by using your card at National City Bank locations.
  • Access to available balance and transaction history through the Internet. Cardholders are provided the opportunity to create an account online by visiting here. Once an account has been created, you can check balance and view account history with your User ID and password. This online method is highly suggested and is the quickest and easiest method for the user to maintain their account.

Fees Associated With Indiana Debit Card

  • ATM Balance Inquiry: $.40
  • NO Monthly fees
  • ATM Denial: one free per deposit per month; $.20 all others
  • International Transactions: $1.50
  • Cash Withdrawals: one free per deposit with a maximum of 99
  • ATM Withdrawals: free as described above if withdrawal is made at a National City Bank, or MoneyPass ATM; $1.05 all others
  • Bank Teller Withdrawals: free as described above if withdrawal is made at a Visa Member bank; $2.10 all others

Frequently Asked Questions

My card was lost or stolen. What should I do?

Call the toll free customer service number immediately. The number is 1-888-393-5866 and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are outside of the United States, call collect by dialing 210-334-6615.

How do I verify or change my address for Indiana Debit Card?

Call Customer Service at  1-888-393-5866 to verify or change your address. This is only to be done over the phone and should not be attempted through e-mail.

How long does it take to receive Eppi Card in the mail?

Once you’re request has been processed and approved, the card should arrive within about two weeks.

EPPIcard Scam: Don’t Become A Victim

Have you received an email regarding Eppicard help or fraudulent charges to your card but do not have one? This could, and probably is, a scam. If you do not have a card, do not respond to any emails asking for account confirmation or security breaches. This is just a ploy to obtain your personal information. For those of you with EPPIcards, it is important to note that all account management should be done only online in your direct account and over the phone with customer service.

For more information about the Indiana Eppicard click here.



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