10 thoughts on “Texas Eppicard Review

  1. The help people you call to try n get a new card are so rude!!!I am just trying to get a new card because mine expired and its impossible! they asked me all these stupid questions and I didn’t understand what the hell he was asking and they refused to let me speak to a supervisor! I gave them my social and address they had on file so I don’t understand why they are giving me such a hard time! I guess I get no new card and I cant use money that belongs to my kids all because they say they don’t know if its really me..lol really? what more do you want as proof and then the questions they ask are questions that I don’t know answers to because they don’t make sense!!!!!ugh so annoyed!!!

    1. I’m trying to change my address…don’t know what number to call. I’ve tried what’s above, but it’s all automated. What number did you call?

  2. With my mothers card we can usually rent movies from this thing called red box & now it won’t let us & I called her card & it said she did have money what could be wrong!?

      1. You can use it at the pump but your account is automatically charged a $75.00 preauthorization which can take up to 5 days to go back to your card. Your other option is to go inside and ask for a specific amount of gas, and prepay. This is to prevent people from driving off without paying.

  3. Why is it so difficult to speak to a customer service rep? The phone prompts you to check balance and other things but won’t let me talk to a rep. It took me many phone calls and a web search to figure out what to do, which was do absolutely NOTHING. Just keeping waiting until it sends you through to someone or kicks you off the phone. Once I finally got to someone she was very rude when I suggested a prompt to talk to a human.

  4. if i was to receive on the 25th of dec (but its consider a holiday) when should i receive my funds

  5. My card is not expired, it has money on it, and it is not working. I can not get a hold of live person to save my life. Please help.

  6. There is no live person to talk to nor does it give you the option to talk to anyone. I had tried all the tricks that everyone has been talking about in order to talk to someone to change my address and other information but none of them work. I had gotten re married so my last name is not the same and when my card was ready to be renewed they sent my card to my old address. Luckily my mother was still living at the community we last lived in and received my mail and put it in another envelope and mailed it to me. Otherwise I would had not had a card to use for this year. I’ll be turning in paper work for the state to deposit child support straight into my account. This is the most sorriest debit card company ever.

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