Illinois IL EPPICard Customer Service Number

We have provided below the Illinois EPPICard Customer Service (IL) number. This is for both the Child Support and Personal Care Providers and Personal Assistants EPPICards.

For the Illinois Child Support EPPICard Customer Service number, see below:

For the Customer Service number for the Illinois Personal Care Providers and Personal Assistants EPPICard, please see below:



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3 thoughts on “Illinois IL EPPICard Customer Service Number

  1. Hello,
    I am a PA in Illinois. Had stopped working for two months and just started back with the same client this week and was wondering about my debit card direct deposit, was it still active or will I have to sign back up for direct deposit. If anyone can help me I would very appreciate it.
    Please contact me at the number below.


    William G. Edwards
    E. [email protected]

  2. i dont think it”s right to charge the people that are not in the city or state where there childsupport card comes from for calling and checking there balance on the phone

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