• At this time I am going to do my breakfast, when having my breakfast coming again to read
    further news.

  • Gayles Moore

    My card is lock

  • Gayles Moore

    Hell, my card is lock, I think I punch a wrong number

  • Candy

    what does the diamond question mark next to my balance mean?

  • Kim

    The Eppicard is a nightmare as they hold your funds for weeks before depositing them. This is a private company and not the government managing this process. They make interest on every penny that is for single parents I have waited as long as 15 days for a cleared deposit to be added and there is no recourse no live person no assistance whatsoever. The worst decision ever is to use this service. Think twice before doing so.

  • tarquita lewis

    Why is it take so long to pose some money on my child support card haven’t got a payment since September in haven’t received anything after that payment.. In it said it take 45 days until a payment be made to yo card in I haven’t got anything on mine yet.