Georgia EPPICard

Georgia GA EPPICard Review & FAQs

The Georgia EPPICard (GA) is available for residents of the State of Georgia to assist in the transfer of child support payments as well as payments for state employees. The Georgia EPPICard is offered as a MasterCard and can be used anywhere which bears the MasterCard logo.

Georgia EPPICard Benefits & Quick Facts

  • Shop. Use your Georgia debit MasterCard at any merchant location which displays the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. No transaction fees at these locations and “cash back” is also available.
  • Toll-Free Customer Service. Unlimited, 24-7/365, access to the EPPICard website. Once a payment is loaded you can access information regarding your account via the customer service line at 1-800-656-1347. International callers should use 1-210-334-6617.
  • Security. All accounts are FDIC insured and protected with your personal PIN number. Web accounts are protected by User ID and passwords.

Georgia EPPICard Fees

  • $1.25 for successful ATM cash withdrawals
  • $5.00 for each replacement card issued
  • Some ATM owners may apply a fee called a surcharge to use their ATMs: Avoid paying this fee by using ATMs at Wachovia Bank (a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.), or Wells Fargo Bank ATM locations. Look for the logos shown here.

WARNING: Please be aware that there are current reports of phishing emails, phone text messages, and vishing phone calls, intended to obtain personal and/or card information. Phishing and vishing is a type of scam designed to steal your personal information. We will never request your personal information such as social security number, card number or PIN through any of these methods. Please do not respond to requests like these. Being informed is your best defense. See the Protect Yourself link for ways of avoiding identity theft. If you believe your card account has been compromised, please call the number on the back of the card.

For more information regarding Georgia EPPICards go here.



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  1. It’s saying my card it overdrawn. How does that happen when i dont try to use it with no money on there?

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