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Eppicard website down – Not Working

EPPICard Website Issues Continue Eppicard website down – again. Since Friday, June 14th, has not been working and we’ve received tons of emails and messages asking if we know why the website has been down for so long.  This is the second time in about 3 months that the eppicard website has been down forRead more → Florida

Florida EPPICard This post is about how to login-into Florida and more. Below is everything you need to know about the Florida EPPICard. 1. Card Information – Here is what the Florida EPPICard looks like: florida 2. To Register Your Florida EPPICard, follow the instructions in the image below: 3 . For Florida EPPICardRead more →

EPPICard Complaints: Bad Customer Service

EPPICard Complaints EPPICard complaints about customer service issues has been on the increase lately. When we reviewed the volume of emails received from readers, the number one issue was that EPPICard customer service is unresponsive. When card holders call the toll free number, they end up with the auto-reply system and it’s impossible to get a liveRead more →

Alabama EPPICard Customer Service Number

Below is the Alabama EPPICard Customer Service (AL) number to speak to a live person. There is a separate number to call when calling from outside the United States. See below: Remember that Alabama has two eppicards – the AL Vantage Debit MaterCard card for Unemployment Benefits payments and the prepaid debit MasterCard card for Child Support paymentsRead more →

EPPICard Customer Service Numbers by State

Since we’ve been getting a lot of requests for Eppicard Customer Service numbers, we have decided to compile an entire list according to state. Have you been trying to get the phone number to your state’s Eppicard administrator? You are not alone. You can review our list of customer service numbers, including Georgia Eppicard andRead more →