Change Address EPPICard Florida

If you have the Florida Debit Card or EPPICard and need to Change Address on your card, we can help you. If you do not have a Florida card and need help changing the address on your EPPICard, visit this page for help. Change Address Eppicard Florida The first step in doing this is to locateRead more →

Delay in My Eppicard Debit Card

If your new Eppicard Debit Card is delayed, you are not alone. We have received many complaints that Eppicard is taking a long time to ship new eppicards to beneficiaries even weeks after they have been approved for the card. In some cases, especially with Child Support cases, the funds have already been deposited onRead more →

EPPICard Florida Number

The EPPICard Florida Number for their Customer Service is provided below. There are two different cards – the Eppicard Florida Visa and MasterCard. For both cards, we have provided the information you need to get a live person on the phone. Be sure to get the right information below: EPPICard Florida Number For those withRead more →

EPPICard Florida Visa Card

The Eppicard Florida Visa is a Prepaid debit Card issued by the State Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) and is sometimes called the Florida Unemployment Card. It is issued by Wells Fargo. Here is how it works: If you qualify to receive unemployment benefits through the state, your payments will be automatically deposited onto your FloridaRead more →

Eppicard website down – Not Working

EPPICard Website Issues Continue Eppicard website down – again. Since Friday, June 14th, has not been working and we’ve received tons of emails and messages asking if we know why the website has been down for so long.  This is the second time in about 3 months that the eppicard website has been down forRead more →