Florida EPPICard

Features & Benefits

  • Can be used to make purchases anywhere MasterCard® Debit Cards are accepted
  • Get cash at any ATM displaying the MasterCard® logo
  • Get Cash Faster at MoneyPass or Wells Fargo Bank ATMs
  • Get available balance and transaction history online or by phone
  • Contact Email Support - available online for all your Customer Service Questions 24/7

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Florida EPPI Card (Florida Debit MasterCard®)



Florida EPPICard Help

For questions related to the Florida EPPICard (Florida Debit Card), call Customer Service at 1-877-567-1768 or the Internet at www.eppicard.com. International caller would use 1-210-334-6617. Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call customer service about the following issues: Reporting lost or stolen cards, Balance inquiries, PIN changes, Transaction history requests, Registering a complaint about a card issue, Questions about card usage and questions about international card usage.

To register your card or log into your Florida Debit Card account, click here.

If you have questions about your child support case, including when your payments have been deposited to your EPPICard™, please contact the Florida Department of Revenue.

ALERT: Starting 1/1/2012 your Florida Debit MasterCard can be used to make withdrawals at ATMs that display the MoneyPass logo for the $0.95 withdrawal fee you currently pay. There will be no additional fee for using a MoneyPass ATM.

Starting 1/1/2012 Wells Fargo Bank will charge an additional surcharge fee, sometimes referred to as a "convenience fee" for cash withdrawals at Wells Fargo ATMs. This fee will vary in the amount charged based on the location of the ATM. This fee is in addition to the existing $0.95 cash withdrawal fee.

To avoid the extra fee, look for the MoneyPass logo at ATMs in banks, credit unions and stores. Please read the new program materials for further information.

Please be aware that there are current reports of phishing emails, phone text messages, and vishing phone calls, intended to obtain personal and/or card information. Phishing and vishing is a type of scam designed to steal your personal information. We will never request your personal information such as social security number, card number or PIN through any of these methods. Please do not respond to requests like these. Being informed is your best defense. See the Protect Yourself link for ways of avoiding identity theft. If you believe your card account has been compromised, please call the number on the back of the card.

Florida Debit MasterCards are good for three years.New Florida Debit MasterCards are mailed approximately 30 days before the "Good Thru" date on the front of your card.If your mailing address has changed since your card was issued, call the Customer Service hotline (1-877-567-1768) to update your address.Cards cannot be forwarded. If we do not have your correct address, you may experience delays in receiving your support payments.