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If you need help or have comments, questions, complaints or suggestions about our website, email us at eppicardhelp@gmail.com.


This site is NOT in anyway affiliated with eppicard.com. If you are looking for eppicard’s official website you can find it by clicking here

This site is simply to help eppicard holders find information they are looking for. Our research indicates that it is very difficult to get eppicard Customer Service on the phone to answer questions, leaving many card holders frustrated. Our goal is to help ease that frustration by assisting card holders in finding answers to their questions. If you have any questions specific to your eppicard, please contact eppicard directly. You can find your state specific eppicard information here. Please DO NOT email any confidential information to us as we are unable to help. If you have questions specific to our website, contact us at eppicardhelp@gmail.com.


  1. michele obrien says:

    I have an EPPIC card from NY i tried to use it the other day it it said too many pin attempts even though I only did it once. when i called customer service all i can get is automated with no option to speak to any one. the automated line said new care was issued at my request on 2/12 when I never requested a new card. I cant reach any live person to talk to.

  2. Angela Bixler says:

    i need so one to call me about my card

  3. roy clark says:

    if you have drawn unemployment before do they have to send u a new eppicard if u file again

  4. Fatrell D. Allen says:

    Can’t login my account ,when I use my USER ID it say my info dose not match I need to reset my account online how do I do that?

  5. Jessica says:

    I am trying to activate my card with the number that the sticker says on the card but it is not letting me get through to a customer service rep. Please tell me the number to get through to the costumer service rep. The number I am trying 1877 777 1617 I am located in Los Angeles Califonia

  6. Evelyn Lucretia Martin says:

    I’ve been trying to get through to customer service for over 1 hour and no respond for a discreposy on my card

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